Islands: Several of the most famous worldwide islands 

Islands economy most valuable asset is based today on : Nature and Culture environment. It was previously based on fishing, farming and seaweed harvesting. If maritime heritage remains deeply rooted in islands lifestyle, today, growing tourism activity put them under pressure. Committed to islands values and traditions, I aspire today to join and sustain organizations that protect and promote sustainable renewal of this living island heritage.


What does EnezGreen means? ... Green island in Breton language.

EnezGreen is the name of a small island located in Bréhat's archipelago, north of Brittany, north-west part of France. Enez means Island in Breton language.

The unusual history of this small island begins in the 5th century with the arrival, from Wales and Ireland, of monks who sailed there. The ruins of the monastery they built in these old times on the islet, still testify of their courage. Today, the famous international sailing school of Les Glénans occupies the site in a profound respect for the environment. Although the islet has long been occupied by man, its landscapes and its soul have been preserved despite the severe climatic conditions and human activities. A model of development which shows that economic development and sustainability can work together. 


Islands : lost paradises ?

Islands are among the most affected territories due to society and climate's changes. However, it's precisely on these small pieces of land, that the voices of changement are rising up and where a lot of concrete sustainable initiatives are being created.

EnezGreen was launched with the will to encourage people to cautiously discover islands universe with islanders who can suggest what is hidden behind the pictures.

Sustainable development for worldwide islands
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